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Simply Southern Rescue

Not all fosters result in adoption - but all fosters result in a life saved

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Simply Southern Rescue is a joint venture that started between two friends, Leigh Ann Albritton and Ren Dowhaniuk brought together by a common interest and a passion to help animals in need, Ren has moved and is no longer with the rescue. Our newest rescue member, Angela Smith lives onsite and is a valued addition.  SSR helps animals in Ruston and surrounding areas.

The south is not all sweet tea and good manners. It is also pet overpopulation, a resistance to spay and neuter programs and the belief that animals are a possession not family. Like all places and all things, not everyone holds true to these actions but the ones that do seem to out number the ones that don’t. Simply Southern Rescue was born out of a need to help, to make a difference, to be a voice for the voiceless. Simply Southern Rescue believes all animals deserve equal compassion and assistance based on their need and not on their breed.

Leigh Ann Albritton, born and raised between Texas and Louisiana. She is never without a house full of cats and dogs, her own and fosters! She is also a full time volunteer at Ruston animal control, organizing foster homes and rescues, as well as driving transports.

Angela Smith became involved with SSR when she was employed at the local animal shelter where we pull some of our animals. She lives and works on-site at the rescue taking care of the dogs that we have not been able to get into foster homes. Angela also fosters, grooms, and transports for the rescue. She has become an invaluable part of SSR and we could not function without her. 

Ren Dowhaniuk (who has since moved and is no longer active with the rescue), and Leigh Ann Albritton worked together over the past two years and saved, along with a network of others over 650 animals, all relocated to safe and stable homes. We believe that all animals deserve a safe home and stable life. We are a rescue that is not based on a specific breed, but rather a direct need. Cats, dogs, pigs, opossums ... if we see an animal in need, we try our best to help. Our primary focus is at Ruston Animal Control and the strays that no one else can take but we love the opportunity to pull from the Humane Society of Monroe, 4Paws Rescue, and OPAS.

We are constantly recruiting new foster families and are a 501C3 non profit charity. We try to provide the best care possible for the animals in our rescue and we rely on the generosity of the community at large. Thank you for your help, without you, there is no SSR.

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You can email, call, or visit, visiting is by appointment only please, click the button below for details.

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Donations Appreciated!!

Like all rescues we depend on our supporters to keep rescuing animals in need, without you there is no us. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, no amount is too small. Thank you so much for your support!

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