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Simply Southern Rescue

Not all fosters result in adoption - but all fosters result in a life saved

About Us

Be sure to visit our new website showcasing our Leisurely Mutts - Grooming, Petsitting & Boarding business!  We are in the process of putting the website together but would love to have you drop in. The proceeds we earn from the business after expenses go back into the rescue so we can save more animals. We look forward to taking care of your loved pets and you will be helping us save more lives, a win-win for all!!

Angela Smith

Angela Smith became involved with SSR when she was employed at the local animal shelter where we pull some of our animals. She lives and works on-site at the rescue taking care of the dogs that we have not been able to get into foster homes. Angela also fosters, grooms, and transports for the rescue. She has become an invaluable part of SSR and we could not function without her.

Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann Albritton, born and raised between Texas and Louisiana. She is never without a house full of cats and dogs, her own and fosters! She is also a full time volunteer at Ruston animal control, organizing fosters and rescues as well as driving transports.

Donations Appreciated!!

Like all rescues we depend on our supporters to keep rescuing animals in need, without you there is no us. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, no amount is too small. Thank you so much for your support!

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