Layla - The Results Of Fostering
Listed on August 7th, 2019 12:57 pm
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This sweetheart is my Layla. I personally fostered her for over a year. She was treated and loved just like one of my own personal dogs which means she slept in my bed and had to endure Christmas PJs along with the rest of the crew! She was passed over many times for various reasons and I thought she would never be adopted! I was OK with that but I knew she deserved more attention than I could give her. Thanks to a rescue friend, her day finally came and I drove her to Longview to meet her new mommy on a foster to adopt basis and then I cried all the way home!! Her new mom said it will be over her dead body that I will get her back and she absolutely loves her so I know I made the right decision! Fostering is hard but it is also life changing for you and the animal you are saving. Look at these pictures and tell me it isn't. Consider being a foster parent today!
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